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Car Thieves & Creek Beds

Car Thieves & Creek Beds

It was 1986, and in the small town of Fair Creeks, all Jeffrey Reynolds could see in his bathroom mirror was plain brown hair, boring brown eyes, and a round face riddled with brown freckles that didn’t do a good enough job of hiding the occasional zit. He often wondered if he had invisibility as a superpower since he could walk around high school for days on end without a single girl making eye contact.


Then, everything changed when he discovered a rash of car thefts plaguing his neighborhood. His friends wrangle him into a weeklong caper of trying to discover the car thieves while keeping up with school, hiding out from bullies, finishing his paper route, and maybe, just maybe getting noticed by Jasmine Torrence.


What ends up being much more than he bargained for, Jeffrey is soon caught up in a game of organized crime where the stakes are literally life and death.

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